Universal Translator ™ multilingual talking dictionary UT-103 - Specification

UT-103 Talking Dictionary Specification:

UT-103 - The Universal multilingual (English-French-German-Spanish) electronic pocket translator with speech recognition.


Universal Translator UT-103 Specification

Size Dictionary has a perfect pocket-size format.
The device has a contemporary design and measures just 2.5"x0.9"x4.4" (WxDxH).
Weight It can go anywhere without weighing you down.
Talking dictionary with batteries weighs 110 grams only.
Operation Talking dictionary has simplicity that saves you time.
Hardware buttons: one push button, one three-way rotary switch.
Processor Fast and clever:
UT-103 talking dictionary boasts Toshiba 32-bit 75MHz CPU.

Memory Universal translator has enough for a lot!
16 Megabit RAM
64 Megabit ROM
Display The best choice for such a small device as this dictionary is!
LCD - 2 lines x 12 chars.
Sound, voice and speech recognition Quality English speech recognition. Sound reproduction in any of the three languages (French, German, Spanish). Volume control. A buzzer signals that the device is working.
16 bit Toshiba CODEC, 48mm high quality speaker.
Microphone Comfortable:
External microphone and earphone jack.
Main Batteries 2xAA batteries 3.0V power
Just like you, UT-103 goes for long periods without recharging. Actually, it works countinuously for approx. 36 hours - that is over 2 weeks of normal use without replacing the batteries.

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